New E-Cigarette Store Takes the Smoke Out of Smoking

Big Tobacco back on TV with e-cigarette ads

I wanted to be able to continue to smoke because I enjoyed it and a lot of my friends still smoke, a lot of the bars I go to in Santa Cruz, even though they arent allowed to, people still smoke in them and stuff like that, so it was a way for me to continue to smoke without getting all the nasty carcinogens and tar and all the other crap thats in there, Horne said. After five years of selling the gadgets out of a warehouse in Scottsdale, Horne opened his first retail store in the Capitola Mercantile this past May. The small glass-enclosed shop boasts an array of electronic cigarette components (batteries, cartridges, atomizers, chargers), accessories, kits, and over 100 flavors of e-liquid ranging from an assortment of tobaccos to fruit medleys to cinnamon bun. Customers can also choose from a range of nicotine strengths, satisfying non-smokers who just want something to do while accompanying their smoking friends to even the pack-a-day type. Horne, who can often be found happily puffing one of his products, brags, if we dont use it, we dont sell it. Horne has had all the liquids in the store tested and says they all proved free of carcinogens.
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E-cigarette regulation and taxes once again on the front burner at the Capitol

Reynolds. The government banned radio and television ads for cigarettes in 1970. Ads for smokeless tobacco were later banned in 1986.
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering classifying the devices as tobacco products, a move that could result in a significant tax burden on people using them, he said. If FDA action made the devices subject to the state’s tobacco tax, it could make the e-cigarette equivalent of a pack of cigarettes taxed at $8.50 to $9, Jackson said. “What we don’t want to do is put a higher tax on a less-harmful product,” he said.
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Wirral MEP vows to fight for e-cigarette users

MEPs agreed to treat e-cigarettes as medicines, reducing their availability compared to tobacco and putting big costs on users. Vaporising nicotine to be inhaled by the smoker, the e-cigarettes give addicts their hit without many of the harmful chemicals and second-hand smoke produced by regular cigarettes. The issue will now be the subject of a vote by the full European Parliament in the autumn. And Mr Davies joined other Lib Dem MEPs as well as Conservative and UKIP members to vote against the change while Labour voted in favour. He said: In an ideal world no-one would be addicted to nicotine but we dont live in an ideal world and it is better to vape than to smoke. “E-cigs are a potential game changer in the fight against tobacco because smokers find them enjoyable to use. They can help people break their addiction in a way that conventional nicotine replacement therapies will never do. They could save millions of lives.
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