5 Quality & Affordable Cigarettes Brands In The Us

Buying an electronic cigarette is not all about spending money on the cheapest or most expensive product. Instead, it implies finding a good rapport between price and quality. Fortunately, there are products that can meet both these needs. You do not necessarily need a very pricey product visit the site to satisfy your crave for nicotine, but you should v2cigs.com coupon code also stay away from unbranded products.
Although Premium is not widely advertised for, its quality can definitely compete with the most expensive brands in the world. The battery charge can resist for around four hours under a regular usage. Mild smokers can use one charge per day only, since it will bring in around three hundred puffs. The costs are just as varied, depending on the model you pick, but the good news is that its costs can adapt to any budget.
South Beach Smoke
South Beach Smoke is not just affordable, but also provides a decent flexibility. You got two different models to choose from – in two or three pieces. The vapor production is normal, so the respective models represent a decent middle solution for those with a limited budget. The quality is solid and the products are very resistant. In fact, South Beach Smoke provides a lifetime warranty for each of its electronic cigarettes.
Green Smoke
Green Smoke is among those electronic cigarette manufacturers that have managed to maintain a particular consistency on the market. All the previous and current products stood up to the expectations, without actually evolving or being downgraded. The good news is that costs remained unchanged too. However, Green Smoke is taken for one of the less inexpensive products when compared to other small brands. All in all, it can easily beat the top manufacturers on the market when it comes to the vapor production.
Pure Cigs
Making a difference between the Pure Cigs products and other expensive cigarettes is quite hard, especially since these units look like the ones released by more powerful brands. Surprisingly enough, the batteries are longer lasting, while the low costs are given by the limited number of flavors. Since this is not really an impediment, this brand can easily provide an excellent rapport for price and quality.
White Cloud
White Cloud is not the cheapest electronic cigarette brand on the market, but one of the appropriate middle solutions. The costs are still very affordable, while the quality is definitely a plus. When you think that you get what you actually pay for, the White Cloud cigarettes represent a very solid sample. The impressive database of returning clients is a decent proof that such a manufacturer might be the ideal solution.
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