Overview Of Nat Sherman Cigars


As the name suggests, the Nat Sherman cigar brand is named after the founder; Nat Sherman. Nat Sherman started out as a cigar maker when he became part owner of Traub Brothers & Bears who were the makers of Epoca Cigar brand. After noticing that the business had potential, Sherman bought the rest of Traub Brothers & Bears to become the Epoca v2 cigs coupon cigar brand sole owner.
In his endeavours as a loan shack, Sherman had the opportunity to loan a prominent real estate developer in New York (Abe Gubertz) who paid him partly by giving him retail space in his 38 storey building. He set up his first cigar and cigarette shop. This marked the birth of Nat Sherman cigars.
The shop became popular overnight and begun to attract customers. The shop proved to be a reliable distribution for Sherman’s Epoca cigar brand prompting Sherman to expand and acquire additional space to cater for the rising demand. As a result of the expansion, his shop became popular among many politicians and rich individuals as a meeting spot.

In 1950, Sherman decided to introduce the first ever plastic tipped cigar under the brand name Sherman. He named the cigar Sherman’s 25. The cigar was made by Carl Cuesta in Tampa (Carl Cuesta was a renowned American cigar manufacturer behind popular cigar brands such as Partagas). For three decades, Nat Sherman cigars enjoyed tremendous success.
Nat Sherman is known for introducing small cigars in the market. This move was as a result of a customer request to have a cigarette that tasted like a cigar. As a result, many Nat Sherman cigar brands were introduced into the market. In 1960, Sherman decided to expand his operations to a larger facility. He made further business changes in 1976 when he opened a shop in 5th Avenue New York in an v2cigs.com coupon code effort to further promote the Nat Sherman brand. After Sherman’s death in 1990, his son Joel Sherman took over.
He made major changes in the company in regards to developing elite, high end cigars. Top end Nat Sherman cigars such as the “Metropolitan” cigar line were born. The cigar line is manufactured in Dominican Republic. Brands such as Omerta and Gotham 1400 are made and distributed by Santa Clara, Inc.
Nat Sherman cigars continue to enjoy a wide client base decades after the first Nat Sherman cigar was made. The brand is known as a high end American cigar brand in the world. Very few cigar manufacturers can match the quality of Nat Sherman Cigars.
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